Two Years Old!!!!


Hey, you guys, the most unexpected and astonishing thing just happened. My and Eric’s son just turned two years old. 

This is so surprising because he didn’t start off as a little person. He started off as an infant. Those are these tiny things that can’t smile or eat anything really or even know what music is. And then one day he learned to hop a little. Then another day he learned the word “Bacon”. Then you’re just siting there one day when he says “more please” and you realize what a big deal him voicing his will, and in a way that is aware of and considerate of you as a separate person.

That’s mind-blowing because he lived in my body for almost a whole year. And now, he is a real live dude!


I am at a loss to express how miraculous and beyond any other experience I’ve ever had that is.

The most mystical poetry comes close. The most haunting music. The way I feel about waterfalls. All those things seem like the shadow of watching this person be when three years ago he wasn’t here. He wasn’t anything yet.


Having conversations with someone who just began existing, man, I’d love to travel in space or sit on the moon, but this has to be equally moving. Equally odd. And made no less moving, miraculous, or odd for it’s ubiquitousness: everyone was born, everyone was once nothing, every spirit is relatively new and here on this earth in this body for merely a cosmic commercial break as everything chugs along in the infinite.


Also, Ori got a chocolate egg from Germany as one of his birthday gifts and then he tried to eat it all.

Pretty cute.

IMG_3882 IMG_3936

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